The national cost for a windshield washer nozzle replacement with CarAdvise in 2024 is between $29 and $181 with an average of $79.

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What is a windshield washer nozzle and how does it work?

A washer nozzle is the final component in the path of the windshield washer system. Most vehicles feature a pair of windshield washer nozzles that spray washer solvent to clean the glass. The job of a washer nozzle is to diffuse the liquid solvent across the surface of your windshield.

Washer nozzles come in a variety of forms and are mounted in various places on a vehicle. Some are inserted through holes near the back of the hood. Some are placed underneath the back edge of the hood. Others are mounted on the cowl section below the windshield, while yet others are mounted directly on the wiper arms.

In all cases, the washer nozzles multiply the fluid pressure coming from the washer pump in a way similar to that of placing your thumb over the end of a garden hose. Two or more tiny holes in the nozzle force washer solvent to spray out toward the glass. Many of these tiny holes or “jets” are adjustable so that they can be aimed appropriately.


How is a a Windshield Washer Nozzle Replacement done?

To replace the washer nozzles on a vehicle, depending on the make and model, a technician will need to access the back side of the nozzle, where it protrudes through its mounting surface (such as the hood). This access might include removing plastic clips to release the under-hood insulation that covers the nozzles. On some vehicles, there is a special access cover that needs to be removed.

On the backside of the nozzle is usually a pair of tabs that must be pressed to release it from its mount. A technician will gently press on these tabs, release the nozzle, and disconnect the rubber supply hose from the nozzle. The replacement parts are then snapped into place, the hoses reconnected, and the trim or insulation restored.

On some vehicles, electric wires for nozzle heaters must also be disconnected and reattached. And in many cases, the nozzle jets must be aimed after installation.

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How do I know if my vehicle needs new windshield washer nozzles?

Windshield washer solvent originates in a plastic reservoir somewhere behind the front bumper and near the engine compartment. An electric pump attached to the reservoir forces the fluid through a small rubber hose to the washer nozzles. If the washer solvent becomes contaminated with debris, the tiny holes in the nozzles can become plugged.

Therefore, one sign that you might need new washer nozzles is that the fluid does not come out when you engage the washer switch. Or it might not come out of all of the jets. You might also notice that the solvent does not come out at the same rate from all of the jets or sprays unevenly and with poor pressure.

Another sign that you might need new washer nozzles is if washer solvent is leaking from below the washer nozzles, sometimes into the engine compartment. You might notice that the under-hood insulation is wet. Such can happen when the plastic that comprises the washer nozzles becomes brittle with age. It is not uncommon for the nipple where the rubber supply hose mounts to break and cause a leak. In this case, the solvent will not come out of the holes in the nozzle(s), but leak underneath instead.

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Other questions customers ask

Why is my windshield washer fluid leaking from the nozzle?
Windshield washer fluid can leak from the washer nozzles for a couple of reasons. If the leak is coming from the tiny holes or jets on the face of a nozzle when you engage the washer switch, the cause can be either clogged jets, a pinched supply hose, or a failing washer pump. In each of these cases, the normal fluid pressure is reduced and only a dribble of fluid is coming from the nozzle. If the leak is coming from underneath the nozzle, on the other hand, the problem is likely a broken nozzle.
Why is my windshield washer nozzle not working properly?
Several problems can cause a windshield washer nozzle to fail. These include a clogged or broken nozzle, frozen fluid in the nozzle or hose, a pinched supply hose, bad washer motor, or a cracked and leaking solvent reservoir.
Why is my wiper fluid not spraying after refilling?
Naturally, your windshield washers will stop spraying onto your windshield if the system runs out of washer solvent. But if it will not work once you refill the reservoir (assuming it worked before it ran out), the problem likely has to do with clogged washer nozzles. You can tell if the nozzles are clogged by carefully removing the supply hose from the back of each nozzle. When you activate the washer switch, fluid should come out of the hose. You might be able to clear the blockage with a pin or some compressed air. Also, make sure that you use only clean washer solvent when you refill the system.

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After 5 years, people have a lot to say about us - here's a few.

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