Effective Winter Car Hacks

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Surviving winters in snowy weather is no easy feat, especially when you have to use your car. Here are some effective winter car hacks that allow you to smoothly go from one place to another.


Remove Fog from the Windshields

The accumulation of fog on the windshields is an annoying sight for a driver. In urgency to get the fog off and continue your ride, you can smudge the windshield. In order to properly clean your windshield trying using a chalkboard eraser, it’s way more effective and smudge free!

I know this may sound strange but take out shaving cream and apply it on your windows from the inside. After equally distributing it to the entire windshield, slowly wipe it off. So, why are we using shaving cream in the first place? Many of the ingredients that are used in the manufacturing of commercial defoggers are also used in shaving cream. Don’t spend the extra money on defoggers when you can just snag some of your shaving cream!

Refrain from keeping drinks such as water bottles in your car. This is to ensure the prevention of water evaporation into the air. Evaporation creates moisture in the interior of the car, which could make your windows frosty.


Remove Ice from the Wipers and Windshields

ice scraping

Do you get annoyed when your wipers become frozen to the windshield? To eliminate this possibility, raise them off of the windshield and aim them towards the air so that it is easy to de-ice them when you wake up the next morning.

Some people use a spare pair of socks to cover their windshield wipers during the night and keep them safe from the snow. While at first, it may look funny, it is one of the most effective winter car hacks to protect your wipers.

Depending on your parking situation, try your best to make your car face east. The east is where the sun rises from, and can play the role of a natural defroster, making your job of scraping off the ice from your windshield a lot easier.

Have you ever been out running errands only to come back to your car with an icy windshield? Well, in that case, your credit card can also act as a mini de-icer!


Remove Ice from the Handles, Locks, and Doors

winter road

Use a lighter or a burning match stick to slowly heat your car key. Subsequently, insert it inside the lock and apply pressure to melt away ice buildup.

Take a dry drinking straw, take it out, place it straight towards the frozen lock, and blow your breath into it. The natural warmth from your breath will slowly melt off the ice. Repeat this step for some time to achieve better results.

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