Front Shock Absorber

As implied in the name, your shock absorbers absorb the shock your suspension receives when driving over rough or bumpy surfaces. This act of absorbing shock may also be called dampening. Shock absorbers are commonly referred to as just “shocks” and may also be talked about alongside struts, which is another type of dampening component. Most cars have shock absorbers in the rear of the vehicle and struts in the front, however some older models may still have front shock absorbers. The front shock absorbers are especially important as they typically operate as an independent component from the suspension and therefore have to be inspected separately from the suspension system.

Signs of a bad front shock absorber

Front shock absorber maintenance

As shock absorbers wear out, they should be replaced by new ones and be replaced alongside the rear shocks or struts as well. It is important to have this done by a car care professional, since special tools are often required to change out the shock absorbers.

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