Find a Mechanic You Trust: 5 Steps For Stress-Free Car Care

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How can you ensure your car gets the best care?

When there’s a problem with your vehicle, where do you find a mechanic or technician you can trust to work on my car?

You can go to the dealer or a repair shop, but which one can you trust and how do you get a discount on that maintenance. 

Whether its an oil change or major repair, no one wants to over pay, get scammed or wait forever. There are some solutions that are easy. You just need to know these 5 simple steps.

Don’t wait until your vehicle is being towed to start thinking about finding a mechanic. If you haven’t already chosen a mechanic you trust, then you are at someone else’s mercy.

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1. Do your Homework.

Make sure it is the right time for maintenance. All vehicles have a preventive maintenance schedule. Services such as fluid flushes, filter replacements, tire rotations and more should be performed at regular intervals. If you’re told you need an unexpected service, check your owner’s manual first. No car is maintenance free. These are machines with moving parts that wear and need be be serviced.

2. Check for certification.

An Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certification is a good indicator of a trustworthy and trained mechanic. ASE experienced technicians undergo continuing education to keep up on all the latest technology and techniques.

3. Test out a new mechanic.

When you find a mechanic you want to try, take in your vehicle for a routine and inexpensive service, like an oil change or filter replacement. You will learn a lot about how the mechanic treats customers and runs the business.

4. Ask questions!

An honest mechanic should be happy to answer all of your questions about a service or repair. Even if you don’t know anything about an engine, asking questions indicates that you aren’t going to take everything at face value. If the mechanic refuses to take the time to answer questions, move on to someone else!

5. Billing breakdown.

A good mechanic will provide an itemized quote up front that includes parts, labor, and additional fees or taxes. Be sure to ask any questions you may have for what you are paying for. It is a good idea to have your written quote with you when it’s time to pay the bill to compare the two costs.

Here’s the bottom line:

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