How Bad Is It to Skip an Oil Change?

Apart from fuel, engine oil is the most important fluid that your car requires to function properly. It is responsible for providing lubrication for the moving parts of the engine, such as its pistons, to prevent wear and tear. But no matter how good the quality of engine oil you use, it still requires a change after a certain amount of time.

The question that comes to mind is what if you decided to skip an oil change? What could possibly go wrong? Well, the results could be catastrophic for you and your car if you go too long without getting one. It can cause damage beyond repair or very hefty repair costs.

Here are some of the problems that you could face by skipping an oil change:


how bad is it to skip an oil change?


Engine Life is Reduced

As mentioned earlier, the main job of engine oil is to make sure all the moving parts of the engine are lubricated and function without resistance. The oil works at peak efficiency when it is fresh. It loses efficiency as it ages and gets contaminated with metal fillings and dirt particles. This grainy oil can seriously harm your car’s engine and that is why it’s recommended to change the oil. Therefore, if you skip an oil change and go too far between intervals, the oil will wear out your engine and can substantially reduce its life.



is it ok to skip an oil change?



Poor Mileage

With rising fuel prices around the world, everyone is looking for a car that can provide good MPG (miles per gallon). The oil also affects the fuel efficiency of your car. If the oil is changed regularly, it helps the engine keep running smoothly which provides your car with a good fuel economy.

So if you decide to skip an oil change, it will most likely have a negative impact on your car’s fuel efficiency. The worn out oil will cause resistance in the engine parts, making them work harder, thus leading to the engine burning more fuel than usual.


Reduced Resale Value

A car is an asset that you use daily and hopefully are eventually able to sell for a new one later down the road. Whenever someone buys a car, one of the factors they consider is the resale value. The resale value is increased or decreased depending on the condition of your car.

If you consistently skip oil changes, the resale value of the car can decrease drastically, especially if other problems transpire from lack of regular maintenance.

can I skip an oil change?

Possible Warranty Voids

Most car companies provide a few years of repair warranties with the vehicle purchase. But many warranties come with certain conditions which also include regular maintenance and oil changes. So if you skip too many oil changes and damaged is caused for lack of maintaining your vehicle per manufacturers recommendations, the company might void the warranty. If this were to occur it could mean spending thousands of dollars in ongoing repair and maintenance and making your engine–the most expensive part–especially prone to damage.


Changing oil might seem a little inconvenient, but it is better to spend an hour at the shop now and change it, than a lot of hours or days without a car and money burned in the future.

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