How Close Are We to Developing The World’s First Flying Car?

For centuries, flying cars have been a symbol of the future. Flying cars seem like the perfect solution for congested routes and saving time in traffic. In movies, you were told that they would be a reality by the year 2000; but we are in 2019 and there are still no flying cars around, what’s up with that?

The truth is we are close to making flying cars a reality. But how close? Well, let’s look at how some of the biggest names in the automobile industry are working towards developing the first flying car. Several companies are working towards that goal, including Toyota who intends to use its Skydrive machine for the first time at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. The Japanese automotive giant has invested millions into making this futuristic dream a reality.


future cadet car


What Should Flying Cars Look Like?

Everyone has their own opinion about what flying cars should look like. However, most people think that it should look like the Terrafugia Transition. This model combines the elements of a small aircraft and a car. However, the Terrafugia still faces some issues like needing a runway to get into the air. No one has access to a runway which makes the car impractical for everyday commercial purposes. To combat that, a lot of automotive companies are looking at vertical take-off and landing designs (VTOL).

The VTOL idea has been around for decades; it was first implemented in the Harrier ‘jump jet’ that has been used by air forces all over the world. The helicopter is another application of this idea but the problem remains that this type of aircraft is expensive to run and requires higher degrees of training for the pilot. A flying car should not only be affordable but should be simple to drive and not cost you a fortune in maintenance.


Vertical Take-Off and Landing

hover flying


Drone technology has changed the game when it comes to advancement in flying car technology because it doesn’t require a runway. However, introducing this type of flight system into a flying car is still going to cause you problems. At this moment in time, the idea of a flying car remains a fantasy to be developed in select numbers.


flying taxi


The real future of flying cars will be seen when it debuts as a taxi service but that means testing methods that will account for both air and road use.

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