How to improve your fuel economy

A great trade-off for having routine car maintenance performed is having a vehicle that runs well and has good fuel economy.  Here are a few simple tips that can help to reduce how much you spend at the pump:

Keep those wheels going straight

Wheel alignment is a common (and easily corrected) contributor to low fuel economy that is often overlooked.  It may be difficult to tell if they’re in alignment unless your tires are visibly worn unevenly.  Typical contributing factors to wheels coming out of alignment include contact with curbs, potholes, and bumps in the road.  It is recommended to have your wheels and alignment inspected by a reputable shop to ensure that you have optimal fuel economy.  To schedule reliable & trustworthy service, choose CarAdvise.

Check that tire pressure

One of the most important components to ensuring good fuel economy is where the rubber meets the road.  Believe it or not, poor gas mileage can be attributed to even one tire that is below the recommended pressure.  Low tire pressure adds a large amount of friction and drag which is not only bad for your tires, but is rough on fuel economy.  Most vehicles have a sticker inside of the driver’s door jamb that lists the recommended tire pressure.  Use CarAdvise to book a tire inspection along with any other vehicle service you may be due for.

Don’t let scheduled maintenance pass you by

Reduced fuel economy is commonly caused by engine oil that is overdue to be replaced because of increased friction and wear.  Spark plugs that require replacement result in weak combustion which wastes fuel.  Over time, these maintenance items along with other neglected services can add up to poor fuel economy.  Staying on top of your OEM vehicle maintenance schedule helps to ensure that hidden issues don’t get neglected.  To view your factory recommended maintenance schedule and to book services, visit CarAdvise for more information.

Take it easy on that gas pedal

Avoiding hard accelerations is the easiest fuel-saving tip that doesn’t cost you a dime.  Drive at or below the speed limit (don’t worry, you won’t arrive any later) and try to combine multiple trips into one planned route.

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