How To Keep Your Car Cool When It’s Hot

In the summertime, there’s nothing worse than returning to a ridiculously hot car after a long day of work or adventuring. Driving without A/C in the summertime heat can be almost impossible some days. It’s important to know a bit about the ins-and-outs of your vehicle’s air conditioning to keep it in working condition for the season you rely on it most, those hot summer days.


In newer vehicles, there are rarely issues with your car’s heating and cooling systems. Unfortunately, problems are more likely to occur with older vehicles. The best way to ensure your car can be cool all summer long is to keep up with maintenance all year ‘round, even when outside temperatures dip. 


Us here at CarAdvise don’t want you to be suffering through the summer heat when driving. It’s easy to book an inspection through us! Log on to or launch our mobile app to browse shops and pricing options. Plus, often the same issues can affect both your car’s heating and cooling systems, meaning if you take care of the repairs now, you’ll be less likely to run into problems with keeping your car warm during the winter. And, if you have any other questions about your car’s heating and cooling system, our team is here to assist! Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ve got your back.


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