Mobile Brake Service: Costs, How it Works, How to Find the Best

A mobile brake service is a convenient and oftentimes more affordable alternative to your traditional automotive repair shops. Instead of having to drive and take your car in to a repair shop to get maintenance done, a mobile brake service flips the script; the trained mechanic will come to you with tools and replacement parts and get the job done wherever you are. Most of the time, a mobile brake service will only perform maintenance and repairs on your brakes, however the technicians are certified and trained to be able to complete just about any other service you would normally be able to get at a traditional repair shop. Most mobile brake repairs get called in to do service in someone’s driveway, in front of their apartment complex, or in a parking garage, but note that you can get work done by a mobile brake service anywhere that you can park your car on a flat surface!


As we live increasingly busier lives, mobile repair shops can be a fantastic way to get the maintenance you need done while accommodating your busy schedule. To further understand the logistics of a mobile brake service, let’s explain exactly how they work.


How does a mobile brake service work?

The whole concept of a mobile brake service is designed around convenience, from booking your service all the way through getting the job completed. The process begins by requesting a quote for a brake service from the mobile brake service provider. You can always do this the traditional way by phone, but many companies now have a price quote process online, adding to the ease and convenience of your experience. Whichever way you decide to get your quote, you will be asked to provide specific information to guarantee that you’ll get the most accurate price estimate. This information can include: make and model of your car, mileage, time since last brake service, specific brake symptoms, and any vehicle or brake warranty you may have. From here, you will be provided with an accurate price quote for your brake repair, as well as the option to add any additional services that are recommended, such as a brake fluid exchange or top-off.


Once you decide that the estimate looks good, you will then be asked to schedule your appointment. Typically this will be done online. You will provide the date and time you wish to schedule your appointment for as well as designate the location for the services to be done. When you’ve done all that, you will likely be sent an appointment confirmation to your email. This will confirm your appointment details as well as the services that will be performed. If it is not already included with your confirmation, it is a good idea to obtain an itemized price quote or bill of service for your records.


On the day of your maintenance appointment, your technician will arrive and start to work on your vehicle. You may also receive a text or email confirmation the day of your appointment to assure you that the technician is on their way. The technician will begin by inspecting your vehicle’s brake system in its entirety. This is done both to confirm the diagnosis of the issue as well as to ensure that no other repairs are required outside of what has already been confirmed. If your technician does identify additional services and repairs that may be needed, they will discuss that with you and get your approval before adding those additional services to your bill. After this, your technician will complete the repairs and maintenance necessary and test drive your vehicle to make sure everything is working smoothly. Be sure to check or ask about the warranty on any new parts installed in your vehicle as they most likely aren’t covered by your vehicle warranty. This may vary depending on the mobile brake repair you choose so be sure to get this information from the technician.


Advantages of a mobile brake service

There are quite a few advantages to using a mobile brake service to take care of your brake maintenance needs. In general, you can expect convenience, transparency, simplicity, and savings when booking with a mobile brake service. Let’s take a look at the specific advantages that come with choosing a mobile brake service:


Upfront pricing

As unfortunate as it is, upfront pricing is not standard with every repair shop out there. Luckily, you can expect upfront pricing no matter which mobile brake service you go with. Know exactly what you’ll pay and how much each service costs before you finalize your booking. Talk about peace of mind!


Easy scheduling and communication

The traditional way of scheduling car maintenance appointments involves calling around to different shops in the area and asking for their availability to get a time slot that works with your schedule. This can be a long and tedious process, so skip the phone calling by booking with a mobile brake service. Mobile brake services have adapted with the changing times and will allow you to book your appointment online. This way, you can see their full availability and can confirm your appointment fast. Many mobile brake services are able to provide same-day or next-day appointments as well, giving you even more options when it comes to booking.


Brake repair wherever you are

Brakes are a vital component to your car, so don’t put your safety at risk by driving a car with poor brakes all the way to the shop. Better yet – avoid an unnecessary tow by allowing the car care professionals to come to you. The amount of time and hassle saved by having the mechanic come to you is undisputed – no more taking days off of work or losing half of a precious weekend to get your car repaired. Mobile brake services truly give you the flexibility to get your car serviced without having to drive over to them and back.


Save time, save money

We’ve already mentioned how much time you will save by getting a brake job done through a mobile brake service, but an even better advantage is being able to save money on your repair as well. You’ll find that most mobile brake services will offer lower prices than their non-mobile counterparts. How great is it that you can get a more convenient repair job done and pay less for it? This is the primary reason that many people trust and choose mobile brake services for their brake repair needs.


Qualities of a trustworthy mobile brake service

With several different mobile brake service providers out there, it is important to identify which one’s are going to give you the best experience possible. The top quality of a great mobile brake service is their ability to build customer trust and guarantee satisfaction. Take a look at the satisfaction guarantees that they offer and also ensure that the parts you get from them are covered by warranty. It may not be a bad idea to confirm the exact conditions of the parts warranty, including how long it’s valid for.


The next quality you should look for in a great mobile brake service is their customer service. When issues or questions arise, you want to be able to get the answers you need quickly and effortlessly. A great customer service set up and easy access to assistance are hallmarks of a great and trustworthy mobile brake service provider. Be sure to check out how a service provider’s customer service works, whether by phone or online chat, before you decide to book your first appointment.


Finally, since we know that a mobile brake service is all about providing convenience, a trustworthy mobile brake service should make booking an appointment easy and effortless. If you find yourself getting confused, lost, or the process seems overly complex, chances are you’re not dealing with a very high quality repair service. In these situations, it’s best to abandon the process and book with a more trustworthy mobile brake service that will offer a simpler booking experience.


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