Most Popular Cars in the 90s

The 90s are considered a decade of new technology and growth. The 90s also left us with some truly iconic vehicles and we have listed some of the very best ones here for your viewing pleasure:


Dodge Caravan (1992)

dodge caravan
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The Dodge Caravan defined the 1990s. Even though the Dodge Caravan was far from efficient, pretty or comfortable, this workhorse still managed to capture the attention of Americans.


Ford F-Series (1992-1996)

Ford F-Series

Ford F-Series holds a record for being the best selling truck in America for 37 years despite tough competition from the likes of Dodge and Chevrolet. This generation is popular for unique aerodynamic lines and it’s the last series to come with the Windsor V8 power plant.


BMW 5-Series (1987-1996)

90s BMW
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This list would be incomplete without the BMW E34 5-Series. Many of these vehicles are still around today which is a testament to their popularity. The E34 featured an advanced traction control system. The 5-Series came in both wagon and sedan versions.


Honda Accord (1989-1993)

Honda Accord
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The Honda Accord of the late 1980s was not just efficient but also well-built and reliable. Offerings from Chrysler, Ford, and GM couldn’t keep up. The Accord surged in popularity and remained the best selling cars in America from 1990-1992.


Acura Integra (1994-2001)

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Acura Integra was quick and small. Even though tuning had been there long before the Integra, this vehicle and a few similar to it helped make the tuning-craze mainstream.


Ford Mustang (1994-1998)

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The Ford Mustang received an overhaul in 1994; with the introduction of this model. The Mustang GT, in particular, was extremely popular and it won Motor Trend’s Car of the Year, silencing its critics.


Mazda MX-5 Miata (1989-1999)


The Miata is the most popular convertible of the 1990s. Even though there were more powerful and luxurious roadsters available then, most consumers picked the MX-5 for its driving experience.


Jeep Cherokee XJ (1984-2001)

Jeep Cherokee
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Cherokee XJ remained popular throughout the 90s. It debuted in 1984 and remained unchanged until it was removed from the showrooms in 2001. The Cherokee XJ is attributed to popularizing the engineering and unique boxy look.

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