Oil Change – How Often Should Should I Get One?

If you find yourself asking the question, how often should I get an oil change? This is a great question and sooooo many drivers have it. The reason you may not know it is because there isn’t an all encompassing answer. Different cars have different recommendations for oil change intervals. The only way for you to 100% know is to look at your car’s manual to see the manufacturer recommendation. 

oil change

It’s important to not make assumptions about your oil change intervals based on passed experience or guessing. Luckily, you don’t have to do anything but look at your Maintenance Reminders on your CarAdvise profile. We keep track of all of your car’s recommended maintenance and will alert you when your in need of an oil change!


Why do oil change intervals vary?

We’re glad you asked! Time between oil changes varies from car to car because of a few things. 


The first being – how old is the car? 
  • If you have an older car you’re most likely going to get an oil change based off of miles driven and your car’s manual or CarAdvise Maintenance Reminders will tell you what that is. Just keep in mind that older cars tend to need oil changes more frequently.
  • If you have a newer car, most newer cars have automatic sensors that tell you when your oil levels are low which helps increase the time between oil changes. Some owners manuals just give a single recommendation but the car’s monitoring system takes all driving conditions into account. Once that light turns on, don’t wait too long to get your oil changed! 
Next to consider are driving conditions – 
  • If you drive in severe conditions (really hot or cold, dusty, towing or carrying a lot of wait, lots of stop and go traffic) you will want to stick to that schedule to the mile. It’s in your best interest to not miss an oil change.
  • If you drive in normal conditions, your car likely doesn’t need an oil change very often. So just keep an eye on your car’s oil by checking the levels monthly using your car’s dipstick. 
Lastly, what kind of oil does your car take?
  • Synthetic –  Synthetic oil is used in most newer cars. It tends to last longer and withstand higher temperatures, but it is also more expensive. So make sure that your car’s manufacturer calls for synthetic oil and make sure you don’t get upsold if your car doesn’t need it. 
  • Conventional  – Conventional oil is used on most cars, it is less pure and doesn’t last as long as synthetic or a blend. However, conventional oil tends to be 2x to 4x cheaper than synthetic. Your car’s manual or CarAdvise Maintenance Reminders will be able to tell you exactly which oil to get!
  • If you want to learn more about the difference between motor oils check out our article: Types of Oil Changes


Oil changes are so routine we often forget how important they are. Motor oil keeps all of the parts of your engine running smoothly and helps you avoid wear and tear. Keep an eye on those maintenance reminders and make sure you don’t miss an oil change!

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