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Frequently Asked Questions

CarAdvise is a platform that connects customers with the best car repair and maintenance services near them. We offer an easy-to-use app that allows customers to compare prices and book appointments at discounted rates.

If you are interested in becoming a CarAdvise partner, please fill out this form. We will be happy to discuss our partnership options with you.

CarAdvise works as a middleman between customers and repair shops. Customers can search for shops near them, compare prices, and book appointments through our app. Once the customer is at the shop, they receive a text to approve work to begin on their vehicle. After the service is complete, the payment goes through our app and you’re on your way!

We offer a wide range of over 400 services through our mobile app and This includes routine maintenance such as oil changes, wheel alignments, and brake pad replacements. We also offer repairs such as flat tire repairs and glass repairs.

CarAdvise currently works with Firestone, Pep Boys, Goodyear, Valvoline, AAMCO, NTB, Jiffy Lube, Meineke, CarX and more! We work with over 27,000 shops nationwide!

You can reach out to our Head of Business Development, Ryan Boyle, for more information. Please contact him at [email protected]

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