Green with Envy… The Coolest Road Trip Cars

Whether you’re packing up the whole family or spontaneously hitting the road, road trips require one very important thing…. A car! We’ve already showed you some of our favorite road trip gadgets and gizmos, and now we want to show you some of the most epic road trip cars out there. We know it’s St. Patrick’s Day, try not to go green with envy. 

Speed Demon Style

If you think of a road trip and think “Fast and Furious” this is the list for you. These cars are simultaneously bougie and built to be on the road but unfortunately not for your average Joe/Jane. Like we said, try not to go green with envy.

Lincoln Navigator Black Label

If you’re used to riding in comfort and in style, the Lincoln Navigator is your road trip dream car. With suede cloth, venetian leather, 10-inch touch screen, power adjusting heating and cooling reclining seats and enough space for the whole crew, this car is the height of luxury.

Ford Mustang Convertible

Can you think of a better way to road trip than with the top down, wind blowing in your hair? There’s probably nothing more American than driving your ‘Stang across the country with the top down and Bruce Springsteen blasting from your speakers. So treat yourself with a ride for the ages! 

Road Trip Cars

Lamborghini Urus

That’s right, we put a Lambo on the list. If you like really, really fast cars, and you have just a bit of expendable income, this car is for you. With the sleek, comfortable interior and classic Lambo speed, this SUV is truly one of a kind. 


Epic and Rugged 

While it’s rather unfortunate, most people don’t go for the hard-core epic road trip cars anymore. But just in case you revel in the outdoors and want to try out the whole live-out-of-you-car lifestyle, these are the most epic and reliable rugged road trip cars out there. 

Land Rover Defender

Ok, if this car isn’t the pinnacle of an off-roading vehicle, we don’t know what is. If you’re trekking over mountains or driving across a desert, this car is your best option. Try not to be in awe at the way this car handles all of mother nature’s tricks. If you pride yourself for being a hard-core road tripper you’ll want this car to match.

Road Trip Cars

Honda Element

Alright, so we know the Element isn’t the most attractive car around, but this ride is chock full of awesome road trip necessities. The trunk has tons of space for packing, can be turned into a bed with the back seats put down, is easily cleaned because of its industrial lining, and is equipped to handle mud, dirt and sand. This car is a cross-country road-trippers dream. 

Jeep Cherokee XJ

Honestly, the Jeep Cherokee is an A1 off-roading car that’s a little more modest than the rest of our list. Don’t be deterred by the fact that it’s an older model, this means you’ll be able to get it cheaper and save more money for your travels. This Jeep has tons of space for friends and gear for a 10/10 road trip.


In a perfect world, where we had endless coin, these cars would definitely be sitting in our garage. Unfortunately, all we can do is daydream about open roads, adventures, and these epic cars to take us there.

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