The Simple Guide to Headlamp Bulbs

Car headlights are one of those things that you only notice when you’re driving late at night and they start to flicker or suddenly get dim, preventing you from properly navigating the road ahead. Headlights are one of the most essential components of safe driving at night. Without proper lighting illuminating the road ahead of you, it can be impossible to maneuver your car while driving in a safe and responsible manner. That’s why it’s important to pay attention to your headlights and replace them before they stop working.


Why do I need it?

Burnt out or dimming headlights won’t properly illuminate the road ahead of you making it difficult to drive. However, this problem also concerns other drivers because they won’t be able to see you, increasing the probability of an accident for both yourself and other drivers.

It’s important that you think about a headlamp bulb replacement if one or both the bulbs have dimmed or started to fade. This will allow you to have a consistent line of vision down the road and ensure other drivers can see you in dark or treacherous driving conditions. Leaving headlights unmaintained or burnt out could also result in a ticket from authorities, leaving you to pay off two bills instead of one.


Replacing your headlights


What bulbs should I choose and why?

Xenon and LED bulbs tend to be the best options to choose from on the market, because they can reach up to 30% brighter light providing 25% more visibility down the road.

LED bulbs are typically recommended for drivers. They proved a longer life span, have brighter and warmer illumination, and are smaller allowing them to be fitted into different car models more easily. However, they are more expensive than Xenon lights. This all being said, Xenon lights have made lots of progress in the past few years. Drivers can notice only a small difference between the bulbs, making it worth it for some if they can save money.


When do I need headlamp bulb replacement?

Faulty or failing headlamp bulbs can visibly be identified, making it easier for you to know when to replace them. You need to replace them if your headlights are:

  • Constantly flickering on and off
  • Have dimmed considerably
  • No light is shining from the headlight
  • Problems when you switch between low and high beam

Once you start seeing problems with your lights, make sure to get them replaced as soon as you can to keep yourself and the roads safe and free of getting a ticket!


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