Simple Guide to Motor Oil

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What type of motor oil do I need for my car?

Motor oil is the lifeblood of your car’s engine. It cleans, cools, and lubricates your engine while you continue to drive smoothly along the road. With several different options of motor oil available on the market, you may not know which one to choose, which might make your 5 minute oil change a bit more complicated. Luckily, you have us to describe to you the different types of oil available on the market as well as the cars that need them. Let’s take a look:

Conventional Oil

Conventional motor oil is the most basic oil available on the market. It is a carefully formulated mixture of refined crude oil and chemical additives meant to neutralize sludge. If you have an old vehicle, this one is definitely the oil of choice for you.

Full-Synthetic Oil

Full synthetic oil goes through a more extensive refinery process than your standard conventional oil to remove more impurities. They are also mixed with artificial compounds that help keep your engine cleaner and offer damage protection. For all of these reasons, full synthetic oil is superior (and more expensive), however it is not recommended for all vehicles. Older model cars should stick with conventional, however new cars should use full synthetic oil for its superior grade and quality.

Synthetic-Blend Oil

A perfect middle ground between conventional and fully synthetic oils. Synthetic blends are a mixture of both types of motor oil and will give you the qualities and protections of both. It is also more moderately priced than full synthetic oil. Synthetic-blend oil is ideal for engines that require the most protection. Check with your car care professional if synthetic-blend oil is best for you.

High-Mileage Oil

This type of motor oil is formulated for vehicles with 75,000 or more miles on the odometer. It contains additives that help reduce O-ring and gasket swelling as well as prevent oil leaks and burning in older engines. When used in tandem with other proper car maintenance, high-mileage motor oil can extend the life of your engine and keep your car running for much longer.

Those are the different types of motor oils as well as what cars they are for. As always, if you’re ever unsure of the type of motor oil your car needs, ask a car care professional for guidance. 

We hope this guide was informative and will help you make the best choice during your next 5 minute oil change.

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