The Simple Guide to Power Steering Flushes

Power steering fluid pour

The power steering system of your vehicle needs to be regularly maintained to ensure optimum vehicle performance. This is helpful for not only improving your driving but also vital for keeping you safe as well.


What is it?

The power steering system contains a fluid that allows it to function smoothly. It also offers you responsive handling and greater ease when turning.

The power steering fluid is pushed into the steering gear when you make turns, applying pressure to the tires by the gear. However, after a while, this smooth functioning fluid will start collecting contaminants. This can be caused by car parts wearing out or the fluid decomposing and getting dirty after several years.


Why do I need it?

When the power steering fluid gets dirty, you have get the particles in the fluid removed because they can damage other components of the power steering system, including the rack and pinion which can cost upwards of $1,000 to replace.

It’s recommended that you consider a power steering flush after every 30,000 miles so that you don’t experience any driving performance issues. The main benefits you gain from this service are, smoother steering of your vehicle, decreased steering effort, and no noise. It also prevents expensive repairs to the power steering system of your vehicle.

power steering fluid

When do I need to get a power steering flush?

There will be a noticeable difference in your driving performance when there’s a problem with the steering fluid. The main signs that you may need a power steering flush include:

  • Lack of steering when you make turns
  • Power steering fluid starts leaking in the vehicle
  • Loud noises whenever you’re making turns

If you notice any of the above signs, it is time that you visit a mechanic and get a power steering flush service for your vehicle.


What happens if I don’t get it flushed?

The power steering system adds greater convenience into your life by offering you a smoother driving experience. Failing to replace it will result in difficulties in control and overall a less enjoyable driving experience.

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