The New Employee Perk Platform – CarPerks

CarAdvise Launches CarPerks, A New Employee Perk Platform

CHICAGO, IL, USA May 11, 2021 –CarAdvise, America’s top online vehicle maintenance and repair marketplace technology has launched CarPerks powered by CarAdvise, the newest employee perk platform. CarPerks will allow companies to provide their employees discounted car care as well as free roadside assistance to help alleviate the stresses that accompany car maintenance and repair.

Employee perk

Companies of all sizes will be able to enroll in CarPerks and provide their employees access to CarAdvise’s online car care platform while also earning their employees’ additional discounts and roadside assistance. Companies can enroll their organizations with just a few easy clicks and begin onboarding employees typically same day.


With access to CarPerks by CarAdvise, employees will be able to utilize all features of the CarAdvise technology. These features include like online appointment scheduling, approvals, certified technician advice and even tire buying. Additionally, employees will save 20-50% off all car care through the CarAdvise network of 23,000+ shops. CarPerks by CarAdvise members will receive free roadside assistance all day, every day, for as long as their company is enrolled. CarPerks powered by CarAdvise was built to help companies add to their perks program in a unique way to help remove some of the burden that accompanies commutes and the expenses from driving to work.


“CarAdvise has always believed in making car care more accessible to the average consumer. Now, by launching CarPerks by CarAdvise, we hope to provide convenient, trustworthy, and affordable car care to those heading back into the office,” says CarAdvise founder and CEO, Greg Tepas. “Companies now more than ever have a great opportunity to provide their employees easy and simple car care at a huge discount. We are excited to the first car care employee perk program and we are excited to help companies today with their human resources and company benefits initiatives.”


CarPerks powered by CarAdvise is a subscription-based program that provides memberships and additional benefits of the CarAdvise platform to the companies who enroll. With many organizations moving back to in-person work, many employees will facing the struggles of a commute that have been absent for the past year. CarAdvise wishes to relieve the stressors that come with car care as many Americans head back to work and back on the road.


Especially prudent in today’s environment, members benefit through CarAdvise’s “No Contact Car Care” platform reducing the amount of person-to-person exposure and hence reducing incremental risk associated with extended personal contact. Through the platform’s technology, drivers can schedule appointments, approve and pay for services, and view their service history all right from their digital devices.


About CarAdvise

CarAdvise is the largest online marketplace for vehicle maintenance and repair. Through its innovative platform, CarAdvise has created the only place on the web to compare prices for maintenance services at thousands of shops throughout North America. Consumers and commercial fleets receive upfront discounted pricing when booking through CarAdvise using its proprietary technology to approve and pay for services suggested by the shop real-time. CarAdvise service descriptions and unbiased advice protect customers from unnecessary work resulting in greater trust, convenience, and savings.

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