Tire Tread Myths & Facts

What’s the truth about tire tread?

Tires play a large role in keeping your car moving. An important quality of all tires is the tire tread. Tire tread refers to the track around your tires that provides your vehicle with traction while driving. You want to be sure to keep a good eye on your tire tread and have your tires repaired or replaced when the time comes. CarAdvise makes tire buying simple and will help you save money on all of your car maintenance.

When it comes to tire tread, there are a few myths about it that we would like to dispel and instead offer the most accurate information in their place.


Here are some common tire tread myths and the reality behind them.


MYTH: Place new tires in the FRONT of the vehicle and replace when the back tires have completely worn out.

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FACT: You may think it’s logical to install new tires in the front of your car to provide more traction while you use your back tires as an indicator for when to change them all. Although the logic follows, this can actually be quite dangerous in the event your car hydroplanes. New tires should be placed in the back, for if your car hydroplanes it will cause your car to understeer and remain straight, whereas new tires upfront will cause oversteering during a hydroplane and will cause you to spin out of control. Make sure you install new tires in the back first when you go in for tire service.


MYTH: Your tires are still good if they have tread, no matter how old the tires are.

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FACT: Another myth that could potentially be dangerous if followed. Tires get damaged and worn out over time due to weather and old age. It is for this reason that you should never drive with tires older than 10 years old. In fact, after 5 years you should have your tires inspected every year by a car care professional, as they are generally made to last 50,000-60,000 miles. 


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MYTH: Tread patterns provide good traction

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FACT: This is only true in wet conditions. When it is raining or there is water on the road, the groves in the tire tread trap the water and allow for more traction. However, in normal, dry conditions, tread patterns actually decrease traction. A tire with no tread gets more traction in dry conditions because more rubber is able to make contact with the road below.


MYTH: Wide tires get better traction in the snow

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FACT: The opposite is true, in fact. Narrow tires perform better in the snow because they are able to push the snow with their narrow edge and dig more easily than wide tires. For best performance in the snow, purchase a set of winter tires during the winter months.


MYTH: All-season tires can be used in place of snow tires/winter tires


FACT: Not necessarily. This depends on where you are and what the general winter climate is where you’re driving. All-season tires are designed to perform in a variety of weather conditions, however winter tires are specifically designed to perform in temperatures under 45 degrees Fahrenheit and through snow. All-season tires work best in areas with moderate winter climates, while winter tires should be used in places with more intense winter conditions.


Those are our myths behind tire tread and the reality behind them. We hope you found this to be educational and helpful. With the right information about tires, you can be sure to practice tire safety and car care brilliance at your next tire service. Don’t pay retail price for tire services, book with CarAdvise and save on all car maintenance!

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