Tire Wear: Highway vs. City Impact on Tires

What do I need to know about tire wear?

Your tires are a crucial component to your vehicle – without them you wouldn’t be able to drive! Something you may not know about your tires is that they will wear out differently and at different rates depending on if you drive more on the highway or in the city. We’ve created a simple guide to outline the differences in tire wear between highway driving and city driving. Here are some tire tips to help you keep that tire tread in good shape.


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City driving tire wear

The fact of the matter is that city driving can sometimes be chaotic, wearing your tires down in the process. An obvious hazard that will wear down your tires are potholes and road bumps. With each of these that you hit a little too fast, you lose more rubber from your tire tread.


City driving can also have you braking sharply and suddenly. Sudden, hard maneuvers and more frequent turning will also wear down your tire tread with time; this is much more likely to happen while driving in the city than it is on the open highway. 


Highway driving tire wear

Highway driving will be much easier on your tires than driving in the city. Highways tend to be maintained much better than city roads and driving at a sustained speed for an extended period of time is a lot easier on your tire tread. 


The one thing to keep in mind with highway driving is that you tend to drive longer and further and therefore put more mileage on your tires when on the highway. More miles on your tires will wear on them, of course, but the mileage put on them on the highway results in less wear overall when compared to city miles. 


Tire Tips


Extend the gap…

between you and cars around you. This is a simple way to avoid putting more stress on your tires and wearing them out too fast. By allowing yourself more time to react when braking and maneuvering your vehicle, you end up extending the life of your tires.


Slow down…

to reduce the wear on the rubber. Driving aggressively, braking at high speeds, and sharp cornering will wear down your tire tread more quickly. Slowing down and taking your time while driving will not only be safer for you, but safer for your tire tread as well.


That concludes our guide to the wear on your tires in both the city and on the highway. Now you will be able to apply this knowledge during your everyday commute and hopefully extend the life of your tires a little longer.


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