Will Electric Scooters Soon Replace Cars in Big Cities?

The environment is suffering from pollution while our streets continue to overcrowd. You may already be aware that pollution and congestion are huge issues, but have you ever thought about what’s causing them? These problems mainly exist due to the massive amount of vehicles in urban areas.

Even though car manufacturers are trying to build sustainable and eco-friendly electric vehicles, we can’t ignore the fact that there still are a lot of cars that run on combustion engines and pollute the air. They release toxic emissions and waste a lot of fuel. So what’s the solution to the problem?

Some propose replacing cars with electric scooters. But is this viable? Can electric scooters replace cars in big cities? We don’t think so.


lime scooters


Why Electric Scooters Can’t Replace Cars?

Riding electric scooters is a mentally and physically taxing endeavor and there isn’t any way around that. Even if you are riding carefully and slowly, cars will continue driving in their usual careless manner, which will stress you out.

Electric scooters are unsuitable for hot, wet and cold weather.

Comfort is another issue with electric scooters. These days people are extremely into comfort and riding an electric scooter is a city just isn’t comfortable.


Some Cities are Banning Cars

Micro-mobility is not a good solution as we showed above. However, it can be a solution for short distances in populated areas of the city. Cities like Madrid have begun to take action by not allowing people to drive cars in their city center.

Their plan is called the Madrid Central and it establishes a low-emission zone covering an area of 1,166 acres. All diesel vehicles registered before 2006 and all gasoline cars registered before 2000 will not be allowed in the area unless they are owned by the area’s residents. The aim is to reduce pollution levels to 23 percent by the year 2020.


bird electric scooters


Final Thoughts

Even though electric scooters can be used to travel small distances in cities, right now, they will not replace cars. They are less safe and much slower. Moreover, electric scooters aren’t suitable for certain weather conditions and are not yet as comfortable and accommodating as a car.

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