Does My Car Really Need Routine Maintenance?

Automobiles are made of up of thousands of electrical and mechanical parts and continue to become more technologically complex each year. Although cars are generally very reliable and have greater utility compared to a few decades ago, they still require maintenance and the occasional repair. Fortunately, as the auto industry continues to advance, the frequency of routine maintenance has decreased and with the advent of hybrid and electric vehicles, many traditional problems no longer exist in some vehicles.

Here are some of the reasons why your car needs routine maintenance:


routine maintenance brake job



It Improves Safety

Many car manufacturers try to improve the safety features of their vehicles with each new model. But no matter how much they improve, accidents are going to happen on the road. But some of these accidents can be avoided with simply getting routine maintenance.

If you hear squeaking in your brakes, your car is running rough or experiencing a difference in the way it normally drives you should take it in. Faulty brakes, a loose engine belt or poor tire tread can lead to an accident. All of which are common items that need routine maintenance and replacement.



routine car maintenance


Improved Performance

A car’s performance is often hindered by aging parts that hold it back. These parts can be an old air filter, clogged up manifold or even out-of-date engine oil. A simple routine check can replace all these components and help your car perform at its maximum potential.


vehicle emissions testing



Environmentally Friendly

The number of cars is growing exponentially around the world. This means more pollution and harmful gas emissions for the environment of our planet. However, if you drive a pure gasoline-powered car, you can still contribute to the environment’s safety by reducing your car’s emissions.

The most effective way of doing that is through the routine checks. Routine maintenance ensures that your car performs well and provides you with good mileage while reducing the harmful emissions. Plus most states require some form of emission testing and fines can result if not successfully completed.



routine maintenance for warrenties



Keep Warranty Coverage

All new cars come with some type of manufacturer warranty, generally called “bumper to bumper” good for the first few years or up to a certain amount of miles. This is typically a basic or limited warranty covering everything except body panels, drivetrain components and wear-and-tear items such as brake pads, oil filters, and wiper blades.

It also comes with a drivetrain warranty, which covers most of the parts that make the car move, such as the engine, transmission, drive axles and driveshaft up to a certain mileage or year whichever comes first. Some auto manufacturers also offer free maintenance for a period of time.

There is definitely controversy around installing aftermarket parts to your car and whether or not it will void your warranty. Unfortunately, there is no clear way to answer this as there are many variables. But one thing is certain, warranty work can only be performed at a dealership in order for the manufacturer to pay for it.



increase cars resale value


Increased Resale Value

Routine maintenance keeps your car running in top form and actually helps maintain the resale value of the car when and if you decide to sell it. A good service maintenance record always attracts buyers who are willing to pay good money for a well-maintained car. Potential drivers want to know what work has been done because it can be a predictor of what will need to be done. Cars kept up to date will typically perform better.


Routine maintenance is one of the best of ways to make sure you get the most of your car. It can help keep lives safer for drivers, passengers and others on the road, have fewer worries and provide the owners with a better return on investment if they decide to sell. Listen to the advice of your manufacturer’s recommendations to stay ahead of the maintenance curve!

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