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The transmission transmits power from the engine to the wheels to allow the vehicle to move. The power required to keep the vehicle moving will vary depending on speed and engine output, so the transmission will use gears to moderate the amount of power sent to the wheels. In automatic transmissions, gears are selected automatically based on how fast you are driving. In manual transmissions, the gear is selected by the driver by using the clutch. In addition to the issues that may arise in an automatic transmission, manual transmission problems can also arise due to issues with the clutch or the gears grinding.

Signs of a bad transmission

Transmission maintenance

The transmission is a crucial source of power for your vehicle. Get your transmission serviced as soon as you notice any of the above issues. Depending on the severity of the issue, your car care professional will let you know if a transmission rebuild is possible or if a replacement is necessary. Transmission replacements can get quite expensive, so if you drive an older car – consider if getting the transmission replaced is worth it given the relative value of the car. If you get a manual transmission replaced, it is recommended that the clutch be replaced as well.

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