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Control Arm Bushings

Control arms link your vehicle’s frame to the steering knuckles, which are mounted to the wheels and tires. The control arms will pivot when you go over bumps and potholes, which allows your wheels to move vertically to compensate.

The control arm bushings are located between the control arms and the car body. This makes it possible for the control arm to move with minimal friction. The bushings also help reduce the vibration and noise from the shock of the bumps. Control arm bushings are covered in a metal sleeve which are typically covered in a rubber padding. A large bolt from the center of the bushing secures the control arm to the frame of the vehicle. Each control arm has two bushings, one at each point that the arm mounts to the car frame. Many suspension systems make use of control arms and therefore control arm bushings.

Signs of a bad control arm bushing

Control arm bushings maintenance

When your bushings get worn, you will notice the signs above, which means it is time to get your vehicle serviced by a car care professional. Depending on the exact issue, you may have to replace the control arm itself as well. No matter what the issue is, the best way to book maintenance for your car is by booking through CarAdvise. CarAdvise makes car care simple and guarantees that you will pay less than shop price for all services.

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