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Exhaust and Emissions

Exhaust System

The purpose of your exhaust system is to gather the toxic fumes created by the engine and safely direct them out the rear of the vehicle through the exhaust pipe. The system is mostly comprised of manifolds and pipes that help direct the exhaust fumes where they need to go. An important component of the exhaust system is the muffler. The muffler helps remove the loud noises created by the engine by absorbing the sound waves and having them bounce around until they lose energy and therefore volume.

Resonators and catalytic converters are also considered to be part of the exhaust system.

Emissions System

Along with exhaust, your vehicle also produces harmful emissions that need to be properly taken care of. Byproducts such as hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxide, and carbon monoxide are produced by the engine. Your emissions system helps your engine run more efficiently which reduces the amount of these harmful emissions that are created. Your emissions system will also try to recycle the emissions that are produced back to the engine where additional combustion can convert them into harmless byproducts. The catalytic converter is in the center of the action where this all takes place. The catalytic converter is considered to be part of both the emissions and exhaust systems.

Exhaust and emissions system maintenance

Your exhaust and emissions systems will experience normal wear and tear as you drive your car. They may also get damaged or certain components may get loose. In any case, it is important to get a car care professional to inspect the systems and repair or replace any components that are necessary.

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