Fuel Injector

A fuel injector is a valve that delivers pressurized fuel to the engine. The fuel is drawn from the fuel tank and pressurized by a fuel pump before making its way to the fuel injector to be delivered to the engine. It is controlled by a computer called the engine control unit and there is typically one fuel injector per engine cylinder.

There are two types of fuel injection systems: port fuel injection and direct fuel injection. A port fuel injection system is installed directly on the intake manifold and requires less fuel pressure to operate. A direct fuel injection system is installed on the cylinder head and requires much more fuel pressure to operate. However, direct injection systems are more efficient and better for fuel economy.

Signs of a bad fuel injector

Fuel injector maintenance

If you notice any of the above signs, get your engine inspected by a car care professional right away. Your technician will perform a series of tests to determine if the fuel injectors have gone faulty. This includes a check on the engine control unit, testing of the fuel harness, and a leak-down test. If faulty fuel injectors are discovered, they will be replaced. Even if only one or a few injectors are faulty, your technician may recommend replacing the entire set of fuel injectors to prevent future problems that may arise due to age.

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