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Headlight Bulb

In your vehicle’s headlights, the headlight bulbs are the component that illuminate and produce light when the headlights are activated. On most modern vehicles, headlight bulbs are replaceable and are replaced the same way you would replace any ordinary lightbulb. In older vehicles, a sealed beam design is used in which the bulb is filled with halogen gas that helps with illumination and brightness. Occasionally, a headlight bulb may burn out and require replacement.

To learn more about headlight bulbs and headlamps, please check out our Simple Guide to headlamp bulbs.

Signs of a bad headlight bulb

Headlight bulb maintenance

Headlight bulb replacements tend to be pretty simple procedures. Depending on the type of bulb, your shop’s availability of that particular bulb may be limited. Even if only one bulb burns out, the shop will likely recommend that you get both headlight bulbs replaced since when one bulb goes bad, the other one is usually close to burning out as well. Your car care professional will make sure that, after replacement, the headlight bulbs still point in the correct direction.

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