Rear Trailing Arm

The rear trailing arms are two metal links that connect your rear axle to the body of your car. Their purpose is to allow the rear axle to move up and down freely while maintaining proper vehicle alignment. The trailing arms themselves don’t contain any moving parts. Trailing arms are especially prevalent in many aftermarket truck suspension kits. There is also the less common leading arm, which is the same component as the rear trailing arm except it is attached to the front axle. A rear trailing arm won’t typically wear out, however the bushings on them will, which can cause issues for the back of your vehicle.

Signs of a worn rear trailing arm

Rear trailing arm maintenance

Oftentimes, it is cheaper to have the entire rear trailing arm replaced as opposed to repairing just the individual bushings. Replacing rear trailing arms requires special mechanic tools, so it is important to get a car care professional to service the replacement for you. The best way to book rear trailing arm maintenance is by booking through CarAdvise. With CarAdvise, you are guaranteed to pay less than the retail shop price!