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Sway Bar Bushings

The sway bar is an important car component that stabilizes the vehicle during turns and provides your vehicle with proper handling. Many cars have sway bars and they are all connected to smaller components known as sway bar bushings, which will get worn over time and require replacement. But what are sway bar bushings and what are they needed for?

What are Sway Bar Bushings?

Your car’s body will actually shift to one side as you complete a turn. This results in your outside wheels compressing and your inside wheels extending. Your sway bar provides the support necessary to keep the wheels bound together, straighten your internal components out, and prevent a rollover when you turn.

Sway bars connect to the rest of your vehicle in two places: the control arm and your car’s body/frame. The sway bar is attached to the control arm by sway bar links and attaches to the body/frame by the sway bar bushings. The sway bar bushings’ main job is to separate the sway bar from your vehicle’s body or frame to reduce noise and friction. Typically, bushings will rarely break, but they will get worn out over time.

How to Tell if Your Sway Bar Bushings are Failing

How to Fix Worn Sway Bar Bushings

Worn sway bar bushings should always be replaced and should always be done by an automotive professional, as the positioning and alignment of the sway bar must be precise and requires special tools. Sometimes, bushings will fail as a result of a fuel leak somewhere else inside the vehicle. This leak should be addressed alongside the replacement of the worn sway bar bushings.

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