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Tie Rod End

Tie rod ends, also informally known as simply “”tie rods””, are a key link between your vehicle’s steering system and steering knuckles. Mounted on those steering knuckles are your wheels and tires so that when you turn your steering wheel, your tie rod ends will turn with it, thus allowing your wheels and tires to turn.

To fully grasp the function of the tie rods, it is important to understand a car’s steering system as a whole. There are two types of steering systems: conventional steering gear and rack-and-pinion. If you drive a newer vehicle, it most likely utilizes a rack-and-pinion steering system.

Components of a conventional steering gear system:

Components of a rack-and-pinion steer system:

Signs of a bad tie rod end

Tie rod ends will eventually wear out and need replacement, regardless of the type of steering system your vehicle uses. The only way to fix a failing or broken tie rod end is to have it replaced by an automotive professional. You can easily book a tie rod end replacement through CarAdvise and pay a lower price than at the shop!

Here are the signs that your tie rod ends aren’t up to snuff:

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