In Search of the Best Car Maintenance App: A Handy Checklist

Technology helps make our lives easier and more comfortable, especially when it comes to car maintenance apps. Gone are the days of calling a handful of shops, working around their schedule through an antiquated booking process, and tracking your maintenance with a shoebox full of receipts. With a car maintenance app, car care is easy and convenient, but with several different kinds of car care apps out there, you’ll want to make sure you have the best one to maximize the efficiency and simplicity of handling your car maintenance. Apps like CarAdvise allow you to do everything you need in one simple-to-use app and make scheduling car maintenance stress-free. Let’s take a look at the features that the best car maintenance app should have.


Shop Comparison and Appointment Scheduler

We know that car repair shops tend to vary both in quality and in price. A good car maintenance app should allow you to make comparisons between various shops in your area with ease. You should be able to see a map of the repair shops near you and the price for a particular service at each. In the CarAdvise app, for instance, this is really simple: search and select a car maintenance service and then view the map to see how much that service will cost at each of the shops near you. From there, you can select a shop to see their ratings and reviews, location, operating hours, and more! In just a short amount of time, a quality car maintenance app will allow you to compare your different maintenance options.

Once you find the best repair shop for your needs, the next thing that a good car maintenance app should allow you to do is schedule a service appointment right in the app. After you’ve found the information you need to make a maintenance decision, don’t waste time calling the shop and dealing with an antiquated scheduling procedure. With a quality app like CarAdvise, you can view the shop’s availability right in the app and book the time slot that works best for your schedule. Book your appointment in just a few minutes without even having to speak to someone at the shop! This is just one example of the many ways that a good car maintenance app can add simplicity and convenience to your car maintenance routine.


Opportunity to Save Money

As a car owner, you are always going to want quality car maintenance at a low price. This desire does not change when using a car maintenance app. A good car maintenance app should always allow you to save money by booking through them. Otherwise, what’s the point? With a little bit of research you can find out exactly what a particular app has to offer you in terms of savings and discounts. Some apps may offer occasional coupons or rewards while other apps can guarantee you savings on every booking. CarAdvise can guarantee that you’ll get 10-40% off on all car maintenance services every time that you book through their app! Promises like these are key to saving money on your car maintenance and make using a car maintenance app worth it.


Maintenance Reminders

One of the biggest struggles car owners face when trying to keep up with their car maintenance is knowing what service to get and when to get them. Without an effective tracking system in place, it can be quite difficult to keep up with your car’s regular maintenance needs. A good car maintenance app should send you reminders when your car is due for maintenance. By cross-referencing manufacturer recommendations for your specific vehicle make and model, a quality car maintenance app will be able to send you a reminder to book a specific service after a certain amount of time passes or mileage accrues. By having a good car maintenance app like CarAdvise send you these reminders, you can drive your car stress-free knowing that you’ll always be on top of all of your car maintenance.


Maintenance Service History

Your car maintenance service history is an important record to keep for deciding when to book your next appointment and for when you are ready to sell your car. Before car maintenance apps, the standard way to do this involved holding on to a lot of receipts and possibly writing in a notebook to keep track of dates, times, and services. With a quality car maintenance app, you should be able to have all of this be done electronically. Apps like CarAdvise will automatically record and store your vehicle maintenance history right on your phone and computer so that you always have easy access to them. On top of all the other savings and conveniences that a good car maintenance app offers, being able to make your organized record-keeping electronic and having it available to you anywhere adds to the advantages of using a quality car maintenance app.


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