Preventative Maintenance – what should I do?

April Fools Is Over, But still, don’t be foolish, get that preventative maintenance done now!

We promise, this isn’t a joke….. If you don’t take care of that preventative maintenance you’ve been putting off you’re going to end up paying a lot more in large repairs. 

So don’t be foolish!

There are a few things that you can do periodically that will help you make sure everything is running smoothly with your car. This way, you can catch problems early and hopefully save yourself some time and money! 


First, doing your own inspection every once and a while is a really good idea. Check your tire pressure, listen to your car running (don’t turn up the radio so you don’t hear the problems) check all of your lights, your brakes (and listen) and check your tire tread. This way you’ll be able to see if anything is seriously wrong with your car.


You should also learn how to check all of your fluids! This means your wiper fluid, antifreeze, coolant, power steering, and oil! You might not know how to change all of these but you should try to learn how to check these yourself. Most cars have gauges or at the very least a dipstick you can use to check. If any are getting low be sure to change them soon, and if they’re depleting quickly you might have a leak and you really don’t want that! 


Getting your tires rotated and balanced is a super simple service and a quick trip to the shop. This will help make sure your tires are wearing evenly and you won’t need new tires as quickly. Your car’s manufacturer should have guidance on when you should have your tires rotated. 


Be sure to change your cabin and engine filters according to your car’s manufacturer. The cabin filter will keep your car’s climate comfortable. The engine filter is critical to the engine’s long term success. This is especially important if you drive a lot! 

preventative maintenance

All of this might seem minor, and some of it is! But all of these small things can help keep your car in its best shape. Most importantly, these small, preventative maintenance checks will help you avoid large maintenance and repairs that will cost you a lot!

The best part is that we here at CarAdvise keep all of this information for you! You don’t have to remember that it’s time for an oil change, or to change your cabin filter, because we store all of your car’s manufacturer recommended maintenance and remind you when it’s time for maintenance! Just click the ‘Maintenance Schedule’ tab on the left of your dashboard. Remember when we said “you’ve found a smarter way to fix your car”?…. Yeah this is part of that.

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