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Coolant is a fluid mixture made up of antifreeze, water, and other chemical additives that circulate around your vehicle’s engine and cooling system to remove heat and prevent overheating. The coolant pulls heat off the engine where the fluid becomes hot and then travels through the radiator where passing cool air cools it down before it recirculates back to the engine. This process repeats continuously while the engine is running. The coolant will also pass through the heater core. When warmed up, the heater core and coolant help provide warm air to be pushed by a blower fan into the passenger cabin when you turn the heat on. Additives in the coolant will also help prevent rust build-up and corrosion in the engine and other internal metal components.

Signs your coolant has gone bad

Coolant maintenance

Changing your coolant is a part of your routine vehicle maintenance. Coolant will deteriorate over time and lose its cooling and rust prevention properties, so be sure to be diligent is getting coolant flushes, top-offs, and changes as needed. Refer to your manufacturer’s recommended change intervals to see how often your coolant should be changed for your specific vehicle. Your car care professional can help you determine whether you need a full coolant change or just a coolant flush.

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