The Simple Guide to Transmissions

The transmission or gearbox is responsible for taking the energy generated from the engine and transferring it to the wheels to make them move. Even with the most fuel efficient and powerful engine, you car will not work properly if your transmission is damaged. The transmission plays a vital role in keeping your car moving which is why it’s important to schedule regular maintenance for it. 

What is it?

We’ve already highlighted that the transmission keeps the car moving forward, however there are two different types of transmissions that work differently. These two types are called automatic and manual transmissions. The main difference between these is that with manual transmission cars you’ll be using a stick shift and clutch to change gears, where as automatic transmission the gears shift on their own.

Why do I need it?

Keep moving forward

The transmission helps the engine gain power and speed while also changing the gears to transfer power to the wheels. Your car won’t move if you don’t have a transmission system installed.

When to get a transmission replacement?

The transmission of your vehicle can get damaged over time. Regular maintenance services are recommended to ensure smooth, enjoyable, and safe driving. Your car is going to provide you with clear signals that your transmission is damaged or may require repairs. Look out for the following:

  • Transmission fluid is leaking, it’s a red color
  • Burning odor whenever you get out of your car
  • Engine straining and RPM’s run high 
  • Problems with shifting gears

If you notice any of these problems, it’s time that you visit your mechanic to get your transmission checked. A transmission costs between $1,300 to $3,400 to fully replace not including installation labor prices.

What happens if I don’t get it replaced?

Driving around with a broken or damaged transmission isn’t recommended because you could cause serious and costly damage to the rest of the drivetrain and engine. You car will not function properly or safely without a properly maintained transmission. Ignoring this issue could also result in more expensive and time consuming repairs. 


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