car tips for summer

5 Summer Car Care Tips

It’s finally Summer! Sun, pools, grilling with friends and of course, rolling down your windows on a summer night drive. But summer temperatures can be hard on your vehicle. Here are 5 things to check to make sure your car ready for summer driving.

1.  Check the A/C system

car air conditioning

car air conditioning

Don’t wait until the first hot day to check your air conditioner. Run your system to make sure you feel cold air. Some systems need cleaning or could need to be recharged. To maximize airflow make sure your cabin air filter is clean. Filters can normally be found in your glove compartment or the engine compartment.


2. Inspect your wiper blades

car windshield wipers for summer

Winter can be tough on wipers especially if you live where there is snow and ice. Pay attention the next time it rains. If the wipers streak, they likely need to be replaced.


3. Check your coolant level and coolant mix

Coolant should be clear, not cloudy. If you need to top it off, use the pre-diluted mixtures recommended by the manufacturer. You may require a coolant flush which drains your old coolant and replaces it with new coolant. Most manufacturers recommend the coolant to be changed after 5 years.


4. Check your tires

check tires for summer

check tires for summer

Tires that are properly inflated will last longer and improve your gas mileage. Recommended air pressure can normally be found on the inside frame of your driver’s door. And don’t forget to check your spare. Also, make sure your tires aren’t worn out and they have proper tread. You can also do the penny test to make sure the tread is at a safe wear level.


5. Check the Battery

car battery

Check your car battery for summer

Batteries are known to drop in performance during extremely low or high temperatures, especially if it is older. New car batteries are not like older batteries that gave you signs of going bad such as slow cranking or dim lamps, now batteries will fail with no warning in extreme temperatures. Therefore, if your battery is more than 4 years old, then you should replace it with a new one.

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  1. thank you very helpful You guys should do driving tips like how to maintain proper distance too the car in front of you my grandma wants said if you can’t see the car in front of you back tires you’re too close simple . Another one I see all the time people rear ending cars on on ramp to the highway you should come to a complete stop if you can and wait for the car in front of you to drive away completely and be gone minimum distance of 100 feet before you even start looking over your left shoulder because I see it all the time people look over there left shoulder and the guy in front of them stops then bang I see it at least once a week in Massachusetts

  2. Also, CLEAN YOUR CAR!! A clean car is a happy car. Keeping it clean adds to its long-term value when the time comes to selling it or trading it in. Also, if possible, keep your car in a garage. Clean out that old junk room and put your beloved ride where it belongs. Your beautiful paint will last much longer, and pay back many dollars the day you buy another car.

  3. Summer is a spell which can worsen the existing issues. Sluggish performance, rough idling- are the problems that you may encounter during the dog days. Oil change is an errand that has to be done before the arrival of summer. But if you are driving under severe road conditions, then your road companion may necessitate oil change on a frequent basis. A meticulously maintained speedster can develop a problem on the highway. Thus, it is recommended to keep a summer survival kit in your vehicle’s trunk. Before using winter items in summer, it is better to consult a car professional.

  4. great additional tips here in the comments section! Also a clean car is better smelling car in general. Spoiled food in the size of crumbs can pack a pungent odor during the “dog days” – especially here in Vegas!

  5. I was not aware that car batteries tend to drop in performance during extremely low or high temperatures. My husband and I are planning to move north and were looking for advice. I will let him know to pay attention to our car battery to make sure it works properly.

  6. Nice post! I just want to add-up one more important point. Add a fuel cleaner when you fill up your vehicle with gasoline, it helps keep your fuel line stable and free from deposits. I recommended you add one bottle of fuel line cleaner every 3000 miles to maintain peak engine performance, fuel economy, and prevent hard starts.

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