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Cabin Air Filter

Your cabin air filter is responsible for collecting dust, dirt, and debris and keeping it away from the interior of your vehicle. It is embedded within you vehicle’s climate control system and is made of paper or foam surrounded by a plastic frame. This type of filter is also capable of catching larger objects such as leaves or insects which could otherwise clog up your ventilation. Cabin air filters started out as a high-class feature in luxury vehicles only, but as the demand grew for this helpful piece of technology, cabin air filters later came standard with all production vehicles.

Signs of a bad cabin air filter

A bad cabin air filter will negatively impact the quality of the air inside your vehicle, which can be detrimental to your respiratory health. For this reason, it is critical that you keep an eye of for these signs that your cabin air filter may be going bad:

Cabin air filter maintenance

Over time, your cabin air filter will get clogged up with all of the dirt and debris it is keeping out. Your vehicle’s owner’s manual will tell you how often you need to change your cabin air filter. Keep in mind that you may have to change your air filter more often if you regularly drive through dusty or sandy areas. Replacing the cabin air filter is a rather easy process and your mechanic should be able to do it relatively quickly.

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