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Executive Summary


In Q1 2021, CarAdvise conducted a nationwide survey to determine CarAdvise member average savings versus retail pricing. Hundreds of nationally branded shops (such as Firestone, Pep Boys, AAMCO, and NTB), dealerships, and independent shops were contacted as part of this survey. Data was collected on hourly labor rates, as well as pricing for specific, popular services to obtain the broadest and most comprehensive range of pricing. We also queried pricing for popular services across a range of vehicle brands and trims, representing the most “popular” vehicles in the CarAdvise Fleet.  Based on this research, the average national savings for CarAdvise customers is 22.40% and $25.40 per hour on labor.


The nationwide savings on specific common services is 18.84% and $178.06 on average, for an oil change (full synthetic), front and rear brake pads, and a wheel alignment.



Pricing Findings


Service Based Pricing


CarAdvise collected pricing on an assortment of common maintenance services, including: oil changes up to 5 quarts w/ a standard oil filter (conventional, synthetic-blend, and full synthetic), tire rotations, coolant flushes, transmission flushes, and wheel alignments.



ServiceCarAdvise LowCarAdvise AverageRetail AverageAverage Savings
Conventional Oil$19.99$25.49$36.9831% / $11.49
Synthetic Blend Oil$27.99$38.24$64.9641% / $26.72
Full Synthetic Oil$41.99$58.49$75.6623% / $17.17
Tire Rotation$12.59$16.29$27.2540% / $10.96
Coolant Flush$69.99$94.99$144.7234% / $49.73
Transmission Flush$89.99$141.95$209.7332% / $67.78
Wheel Alignment$69.50$89.90$122.9727% / $33.07




We also looked at common service “bundles” across vehicle brands/trims and regions, to get an estimate of what a CarAdvise customer would save across services.


Regional All-In Cost, Popular Cars, and Brands





To determine pricing outside of common services, shops were assigned to three tiers. Tier I- major metros, Tier II- metros, and Tier III- states, by region.



Tier I- Major Metro


Below is a breakdown of savings comparing CarAdvise and average retail hourly labor rates.


Major MetroAvg Retail labor rateCarAdvise Member Savings/hour (%)CarAdvise Member Savings/hour ($)
LA/San Diego$11821%$25
New York City$11720%$26
San Francisco$14033%$47
Washington DC/ Baltimore$10814%$15



Tier II- Metro


Below is a breakdown of savings comparing CarAdvise and average retail hourly labor rates.


MarketRetail Labor RateCarAdvise Member Savings/hour (%)CarAdvise Member Savings/hour ($)
Dallas/Ft. Worth$10715%$17
Kansas City$11119%$21
Las Vegas$11622%$27
Miami/Ft. Lauderdale$11018%$20
Minneapolis/St. Paul$11421%$24
Salt Lake City$10211%$12
San Antonio$11320%$23
St. Louis$11622%$26




Tier III- Regional Labor Rates


Below is a breakdown of savings comparing CarAdvise and average retail hourly labor rates.


MarketCarAdvise Labor RateRetail     Labor RateCarAdvise Member Savings/hour (%)CarAdvise Member Savings/hour ($)



Southeast = AR, LA, MS, KY, TN, AL, MD, WV, VA, NC, SC, GA, FL

Northeast = NY, NJ, PA, CT, RI, MA, NH, ME, VT

Midwest = ND, SD, NE, KS, MN, IA, MO, WI, IL, MI, IN, OH

Southwest = AZ, NM, TX, OK

West = WA, OR, CA, NV, ID, MT, WY, UT, CO, AK, HI



As you can see, CarAdvise labor rates are cheaper in every single market that was surveyed.





CarAdvise customers can expect to see an average national savings of 22.40% and $25.40 per hour on labor and a combined average savings of 18.84% when booking popular services through the CarAdvise platform. These results were in the same range across all regions and geographies, showing that price savings will apply to all CarAdvise consumers.


In summary, CarAdvise provides competitive and transparent pricing and better than retail pricing to customers.

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