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The alternator is a key component in your vehicle’s charging system. It is responsible for recharging the vehicle’s battery while the engine is running as well as distributing power throughout the rest of the vehicle. If the alternator fails, the battery will dies rather quickly.

The alternator develops a current through a process known as electromagnetic induction. This is done inside the alternator by using a rotating electromagnet called a rotor that send power through a stationary set of stators. A belt is then used to drive the entire alternator off the crankshaft. There is a drive pulley connected directly to the internal rotor that is powered by the engine. When the engine is turned on, the rotor will rotate and generate power. The resulting current is AC, which is quickly converted to DC current to be used throughout the vehicle.

Signs of a bad alternator

Alternator maintenance

Your alternator plays a vital role in distributing power throughout your vehicle, so you will want to get it serviced as soon as you notice any of the issues mentioned above. When you take your vehicle into the shop with alternator issues, the first thing the car care professional will do is use a charging/starting system tester to confirm that the issue is indeed due to the alternator. Sometimes similar issues can arise due to problems with the drive belt or battery. Once the issue is diagnosed, the alternator will be replaced, which is typically relatively inexpensive.

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