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Battery Cable

The battery cables of your car connects the battery to the rest of the electrical system. Through them, your battery is able to provide power to your vehicle. There are two battery cables: a positive one, usually red, and a negative one, which is usually black. The positive battery cable attaches to the positive battery terminal at one end and to the starter motor on the other end. The negative battery cable attaches to the negative terminal of the battery on one end and a grounding point at the other end. The battery cables are much larger than other types of cables you may have it home due to the large amounts of energy they are required to carry.

Signs of a bad battery cable


This may include intermittent engine stalling, which poses a safety issue.

Battery cable maintenance

If you notice any of the above signs, get your car serviced by a car care professional right away. If the cable itself is damaged or corroded, it will be replaced entirely. Otherwise, the issues above may stem from a compromised battery terminal, in which case the terminal can be replaced instead.

In either case, the best way to get maintenance done on your battery cables is to book your appointment through CarAdvise. CarAdvise makes car care simple and guarantees that you’ll pay less than retail price on all car maintenance services.

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