The starter system of your vehicle is responsible for starting your engine when you turn the ignition key or push the ignition button. When activated, an electric starter motor will spin a component called the flywheel to start it. Once the starter motor gets going, an electric current is sent to the engine to start it. When the engine starts, an electrical signal is sent back up the solenoid to disengage the starter motor. Generally, the starter system is meant to be very durable with the ability to operate in all kinds of conditions, but repeated use and poor maintenance can cause wear and tear and eventually some issues may arise.

Signs of a bad starter


Once your starter gets drenched, it’s only a matter of time before other problems start to occur, so get your leak fixed and starter replaced as soon as possible if this occurs.

Starter maintenance

If you notice any of the above signs, get your vehicle to a car care professional and get your starter inspected right away. The first thing that a car care professional will do is rule out any issues due to your battery or low battery charge, as these may result in the same kinds of issues. Once it is determined that the issue indeed stems from the starter, it will likely be replaced with a new one. If an oil leak was the cause of the issue, the leak will be patched up as well.

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