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Gearbox Oil

Gearbox oil is a fluid that lubricates your car’s various gearboxes, which includes manual transmissions, differentials, and transfer cases. This fluid is thicker than engine oil or transmission fluid, so it is often used in place of transmission fluid to offer better performance. As with all vehicle fluids, gearbox oil should be changed at the manufacturer recommended intervals.

Signs of bad gearbox oil

If you hear any abnormal noises coming from parts of the car that have gearbox oil, it’s possible that your gearbox oil has gone bad. Be sure to get your gearbox oil changed by a car care professional to resolve the problem.

Gearbox oil maintenance

Changing the gearbox oil will often resolve any issues stemming from bad gearbox oil. If you are having consistent issues with your gearbox oil, ask your car care professional is using a different type of fluid would be more suitable for your specific vehicle.

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