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Heater Core

The heater core is a part of your vehicle’s cooling system. The heater core collects some of the hot coolant that circulates around your engine. As the coolant passes through the heater core, a variable speed blower fan blows the resulting hot air out into the interior of the car. With a properly working heater core, you will be able to control how warm your car gets through a knob on the dashboard. A failing heater core will remove this ability as well as cause issues when trying to defog your windows, reducing your visibility.

Signs of a bad heater core

The heater core is one of the only components that can leak into your interior when there is an issue. This creates unique problems with the heater core when it starts to go bad. Many heater core issues stem from poor or improper maintenance. Be sure to flush and replace your coolant regularly to avoid issues. The following signs should be watched for so that you can get your heater core repaired as soon as possible.

Heater core maintenance

When issues arise with the car’s heater core, often the best course of action is to get it replaced. Since the heater core is located deep inside of your vehicle, your mechanic will have to disassemble several in-dash systems in order to reach it and make the necessary repairs or replacement. Many of the signs above may also be indicative of issues with the heater hoses instead of the heater core, which is a less laborious and less expensive repair. Your mechanic will likely inspect both before moving forward with a repair or replacement of either.

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