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Power Steering Pump

Power steering allows you to steer your vehicle with less effort, particularly at low speeds. A power steering system works primarily by utilizing a power steering pump to send hydraulic fluid to other parts of the system. When the power steering pump fails, you will notice that it is harder to turn the steering wheel and complete turns in general.

What parts make up a power steering system?

The traditional type of power steering system is the hydraulic power steering system, which is comprised of:

Signs of a bad power steering pump

Power steering pump maintenance

When issues arise with your power steering pump, the solution may be as simple as adding more hydraulic fluid or may go as far as replacing the pump altogether. Whatever the case may be, it is important to get your vehicle to a mechanic to have the issue resolved and get your power steering back on track.

The best way to book power steering pump maintenance is by booking through CarAdvise. CarAdvise makes scheduling an appointment online simple and guarantees that you’ll pay a lower price than the shop price!

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