Simple Guide To Car Fluids

There are several different types of fluids that make your car operational and keep it in good working condition. Do you know all of the different types?


Perhaps you don’t, or maybe you don’t know exactly what each one does. Today we’ll take a look at the different types of car fluids and exactly what they do for your vehicle. You may even need a refill or flush one of these if you haven’t in a while! Save money and book easily when you get your fluid flushes and refills booked through CarAdvise.


Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid comes in two types: automatic and manual transmission fluid, which are used based on your car’s corresponding transmission type. 


Manual Cars

In manual cars, transmission fluid is essential for lubricating the metal parts inside the gearbox to keep them from grinding down as you shift. 


Automatic Cars

In automatic cars, the transmission fluid provides the hydraulic pressure and friction necessary to make your transmission work. 


In either case, transmission fluid helps cool down your transmission. Make sure your car care professional keeps a close eye on your transmission fluid to ensure it gets changed when needed.


Power Steering Fluid

A critical part of your car’s steering system, power steering fluid is the hydraulic link between your steering wheel and your front wheels. It allows you to turn your wheels with less effort and enables your car to power steer. 


Power steering fluid is also needed to make your hoses, pistons, valves, and power steering pump all work together. Make sure you have adequate amounts of power steering fluid in your vehicle to prevent corrosion of key internal parts!


Brake Fluid

A vital car fluid, brake fluid is the lifeblood of your car’s brakes. Think of your brake fluid as a master translator – it translates the pressure of your foot on the brake pedal into the braking force that allows you to slow down or stop your vehicle. 


Additionally, brake fluid acts as a lubricant to the moving parts within your brakes and also prevents rust and corrosion from occurring. It’s considered a best practice to have your brake fluid checked at every car checkup to ensure that it is in good working order.


Windshield Wiper Fluid

A car fluid that many of us are familiar with, this blue fluid can be released from your car onto the windshield when you activate your wipers. It has many cleaning agents in it to help clean your windshield and also contains a little bit of alcohol to lower its freezing point. This is definitely very useful during the wintertime and anytime you need something effective to cut through the dirt and grease!


Antifreeze Coolant

Antifreeze coolant, or engine coolant, is used to help keep your engine cool during hot temperatures and extended use. This blue fluid is available at any auto parts store, but you may want to visit your local shop to get this incredibly important fluid taken care of. 


As is implied by the name “antifreeze”, antifreeze coolant also keeps your engine block from freezing or operating at uneven temperatures during the winter. Make sure you have plenty in your car at all times, and when in doubt, visit the shop!


Motor Oil

Last but not least, who can forget about good ole motor oil? This is the oil that gets changed during an oil change and is important in lubricating your engine’s internal parts. This helps these parts of the engine keep moving and remain in smooth operation. Don’t forget to go in for your regular oil changes to keep those dirty combustion by-products out of your engine!


That’s our guide of the essential car fluids in your car. Which ones do you need refilled or changed? Find out by booking an inspection now through CarAdvise.

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