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The radiator is a component that sits at the front of your vehicle and cools incoming hot coolant before sending it back out to be used again. The hot coolant flows through the radiator’s series of tube and fins that extract heat away from the fluid. As you drive, the front grille of your car takes in outside air, which travels through the radiator fins to cool down the passing coolant. When the car is idling, a fan produces this cool air instead.

The radiator also contains a cap that helps relieve pressure when it reaches a certain point. When maximum pressure is reached in the cooling system, the cap opens up and excess coolant flows into the recovery tank. When the pressure stabilizes again, coolant from the recovery tank is sent back through the radiator.

Signs of a bad radiator

Radiator maintenance

If you notice any of the above signs, get your radiator serviced by a car care professional right away. A bad radiator will always be replaced with a new one. After the replacement is complete, your technician will perform a coolant flush as well as bleed the coolant system of air to prevent the engine from overheating. Your technician may also recommend replacing other components, such as the radiator hoses and the thermostat.

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