Summer Vehicle Prep

The summer heat can be taxing on your car, however by thoroughly checking out your vehicle beforehand, you can avoid some of the most common hot weather problems and have a smooth ride all summer long.

Change your oil

Changing your oil and oil filter will take a fair amount of stress off of your car’s engine, and depending on the make and model, this is probably needed every 3,000 to 7,500 miles. If you’re the adventurous type, you can check the dipstick under your hood yourself. If the oil is a bright golden color, it’s good; if it’s murky or dark, it’s time for an oil change. CarAdvise will help you book this routine service at a reliable shop and will help you keep track of your maintenance history.

Watch your tire pressure

As exterior temperatures rise, your tire pressure changes, which can take a toll on your tires and if left unchecked, can create a dangerous situation. An underinflated tire will push put stress on the sidewalls, making the tire prone to blowouts; an overinflated tire will reduce the tread’s ability to grip the road, leading to hydroplaning in wet conditions and uneven tread wear. Check tire pressure before you hit the road for your summer drive, and adjust accordingly. Proper tire pressure levels can be found in the owner’s manual and on a sticker typically located on the driver’s doorjamb. The PSI shown on the tire itself is the maximum allowed. For assistance in adjusting tire pressure or to have your tires inspected, schedule service with a CarAdvise Certified shop.

Check your filters, hoses and belts

A dirty air filter means your engine has to work harder. Cracked hoses and belts also reduce fuel efficiency—even worse, they can blow or break, resulting in a breakdown. Replace the air filter if it’s been a while, and make sure the hoses and belts are pliable, soft and well-attached. Most shops in the CarAdvise network will offer a free mulit-point inspection when performing service where they can check your filters, hoses, and belts.

Inspect your car’s battery

Batteries can become over exerted in the heat—they can overcharge and if the internal fluids evaporate, they quickly die. To prevent this, check the battery along with its fluids (if applicable), and closely examine the connecting cables, which should be clean and secure. For a free battery quote or to have the cables inspected, use the CarAdvise app.

Keep your car running cool in the heat

Idling in traffic in the summertime can overheat your car. When stopped, air stops moving across the engine, which helps keep it cool. Problems arise when the levels of coolant, or antifreeze, which is pumped through the engine to keep the temperature down, aren’t what they should be. To keep your engine happy, flush the radiator every two years and keep the coolant level properly adjusted by checking its levels periodically. CarAdvise has your manufacturer’s maintenance schedule to see when your vehicle is due. To learn more about CarAdvise and to become a member- click here.

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