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Water Pump

Your car’s water pump delivers the coolant mixture throughout the engine and radiator to keep both parts clean and prevent them from overheating. The coolant mixture will absorb heat created by the engine and release it in the radiator. The water pump is mounted on the front of the engine and is driven by either the timing belt or serpentine belt. A gasket is used to form a seal between the water pump and the engine block. Inside the water pump is a fan called an impeller. The impeller spins to move the coolant throughout the cooling system.

Signs of a bad water pump

Water pump maintenance

If you notice any of the above signs, get your cooling system checked by a car care professional as soon as you can. Most issues with the water pump will be due to a broken impeller or a poor shaft seal. These issues can be caused by a water pump getting old and worn, a dry water pump, corrosion, or by not using the right coolant. Be diligent when it comes to getting your water pump fixed or replaced; driving around with a faulty water pump may cause your engine to overheat and cause some expensive damage.

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