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Engine Cooling System

The cooling system of your vehicle is a collection of components designed to regulate the temperature of the engine. An engine that is too hot will overheat, while an engine that is too cold will emit excessive amounts of pollutants and cause engine components to go bad. Without correct temperature regulation, the engine is subject to damage and failure, requiring expensive repair and sometimes replacement.

Key components of an engine cooling system


The radiator is a series of small tubes through which hot coolant from the engine flows through. The radiator cools the coolant before sending it back to the engine.

Water pump

The water pump is designed to keep the coolant circulating throughout the cooling system where it can be repeatedly cooled and reused by the engine.

Coolant expansion tank

As the coolant is heated up and used by the engine, it expands and creates excess coolant that needs a place to go. The coolant expansion tank acts as a reservoir where this extra fluid is collected. When you shut your engine off, the coolant expansion tank contracts, sending the extra coolant fluid back to where it belongs.


Much like the thermostat in your home, your cooling system’s thermostat in your car is a mechanical device that controls the temperature of the engine. It restricts and allows coolant to flow into the engine as needed to maintain it at an optimal temperature.

Engine cooling system maintenance

Due to the number of components that make up the engine cooling system, issues with engine cooling can stem from a number of different reasons or components. Telltale signs of engine cooling problems include an overheating engine and coolant leaks. Have your engine examined by a car care professional as soon as cooling issues occur – you don’t want cooling issues to cause damage to your engine, which could be costly in the future.

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