Steering Rack Bushings

Also called a rack-and-pinion bushing, a steering rack bushing is a steel component that is connected between the steering rack and the frame of the car. Its purpose is to dampen the vibrations caused by shifting in your suspension as you complete turns and steer your vehicle. These vibrations cause a fair amount of wear on the steering rack bushing, so it is important to ensure that it gets inspected whenever your suspension is serviced or you get an alignment done.

Signs of Bad Steering Rack Bushings

It is important to note that a bad steering rack bushing will exhibit similar signs of wear as other suspension and steering components. Before deciding to inspect the steering rack bushings, it is wise to inspect the rest of your front suspension system and steering components before checking on your steering rack bushings, as the problem may lie there. That being said, here are the signs that your steering rack bushing may be going bad:


If you notice any of the above signs, it is best to get to mechanic right away to inspect your steering rack bushings and front suspension. Book your auto maintenance through CarAdvise and pay less than retail price for any service guaranteed!